About me…

Mark Keeble

Like many men in their fifties, I had found myself in a rut. I still had a passion for life and adventure, but unfortunately, I was struggling to step out of my comfort zone and was weighed down with self-pity. A failed marriage, a stressful divorce and the passing of both my parents had taken its toll. I was drinking too much alcohol, spending too much money on overpriced coffee and, worst of all,  I had become a professional time waster.

I longed to recapture the adventures of my youth. Hitchhiking through Europe, wandering around India, looking for love in New Zealand. But with two young children to support and a legally bound consent order, my options were limited. Until that is, I struck upon the idea of a 24-hour adventure. For 24 hours, I could cast my fate to the wind. For one day a week, I could go anywhere (as long as I had time to get back!), do anything and hopefully meet some like minded people and listen to their stories, too. Because this is not just about me. It’s about all of us. We live our lives through technology. We make friends through social media instead of striking up a conversation with a stranger. We watch others experiencing the diversity of life and everything it has to offer through an electronic screen (be it a TV or a laptop) rather than stepping outdoors and participating ourselves.  Life has become a meaningless collection of second-hand stories and tired plot-lines.

Enough is enough. This is not what life is about.